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Did you know that we are helping to preserve the Planet?

Hotel Londres has had a special sensitivity to the importance of the ecological footprint, but in 2017 we ran a major campaign in this regard.

Training the teams and making them aware of this task was one of the most important factors, so that everyone was working in the same direction, in addition to the fact that it was very important for everyone to be able to participate with their ideas. Changing ingrained habits and procedures is not easy, but with everyone's commitment it was very rewarding to feel this happen.

The creation of a Godfather for each action was very important to have a person responsible for executing and maintaining the procedure.


- At the Restaurant we save more than 14,305 glass water bottles per year, as nowadays the bottles we use are washable and reusable

- We saved 9,650 plastic straws a year! We exchanged it for biodegradable ones and only serve it in specific cocktails or at the customer's request.

- We stopped using some soft drinks in cans, saving 8,136 cans in the first year alone, after this decision was taken

- We now use Kraft paper bags instead of plastic in our pick-nicks, we will no longer spend 30Kg of plastic each year

- We no longer have single-use plastic cups that were free and provided by our partners, which were used by our guests in the pool and we had to purchase polycarbonate cups that are recyclable

- We now have an ecopoint for sorting rubbish in the Bar for guests to use. This procedure was already done internally by our staff, in the Bar, Restaurant and Kitchen.

- The recycling of kitchen oils is carried out by a specialized company with registration and certification.

- We now have chia, sesame and other seeds in bulk for our breakfasts and we have cultivated a small vegetable garden for use by our Chef

- We sensitize our partners/suppliers in order to reinforce the importance of implementing more ecological measures.

- We return the boxes where they bring the products for reuse whenever possible

- Execution of menus, according to the number of meals, as well as the preparation of the staff's food, is always considered to avoid food waste as much as possible, always with the utmost rigor in terms of certified food quality

- Always load the dishwasher as full as possible

- Open refrigerators as little as possible

- We have a small vegetable garden for the chef in the garden



- Our black plastic garbage bags are already 80% recyclable

- Information to the guest for reuse of bath towels, as well as care to be taken with the faucet only turned on when in use

- Unplug chargers when not charging, turn off unnecessary lights

- We change the garbage bags in the rooms during the same stay, only when they are dirty

- Reuse bottles of cleaning products


- Evaluated all document processes, namely the impressions we made daily and in which it enabled us to reduce our paper impressions by 7%

- The printers have all been set to B&W by default. Texts adapted to have the same lettering and font size.

- Placement of water bottles in the various departments, with a water cooling system

- Unplug chargers when not charging, turn off unnecessary lights


- We invested in the use of LED lamps and low-consumption appliances.

- Maintenance had the task of changing the lights to LED, as well as putting sensors, clocks and timers in the lighting, including in the staff areas.

- The taps were adapted with water reducers, for those that did not yet have this system. We looked at the spaces and adapted them with new lighting in order to provide more comfort and at the same time reduce costs.

- Rainwater system is reused to water the hotel garden

- Our small lake has bull carp fish and the recycling of water is also done in an ecological way by the plants

- Faucets in bathrooms and public areas have timers

What our guests can do to help lower their impact on the environment:

- In the rooms, the curtains in the summer should be closed if possible and in the winter they should be open

- Taking a shower instead of soaking

- Brush your teeth with water in a glass and not water running from the tap

- In our house we use our towels more than once. If you want to put the towels to wash, please put them on the floor, otherwise reuse your towel and place it on the proper support.

- When the air conditioning is on, the front door and the balcony door must be closed

- Use the air conditioning as little as possible, fresh air outside is always much healthier

- When you leave your room, do not leave your card in the saver (this is a tremendous saving) Our staff on the floors have instructions to remove your card

- Do not leave your equipment connected to the mains, beyond what is necessary

- Do not remove too much food from the buffet, you can serve yourself as many times as you want

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